Ultimate #tbt 0

Ultimate #tbt

I use the app Timehop. It shows me what I’ve posted on various social media sites through the year today. I mostly use it to see what I’ve posted about #shambros through the years...

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Remains of Thanksgiving Day dinner 0

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

I haven’t cooked a Thanksgiving meal in a few years, mostly because life got busy with work and kids. But I decided to cook one this year so that we would have more traditions...

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Adele on The Tonight Show 0

Adele on Jimmy Fallon

And the obsession continues, Adele perfromed “Hello” on The Tonight Show with The Roots on classroom instructments. If I keep listening to this song, Henry has threatened to erase it from my machines/devices. 221 total...

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Adele: Hello 0

Adele – “Hello”

I’m so obsessed with “Hello”, as is the rest of the world. I would love to see her in person, but I think I would be crying through the whole show. 198 total views, no...

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