One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful 0

One Direction

I’m aware of One Direction as a boy band and I know Harry Styles because he’s covered a lot in the celebrity news sites I go to, but two weeks ago I couldn’t tell...

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working out 0

2015 Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, time to aspire to better yourself with some resolutions. I have the usual resolutions. order Seamless less and cook more, so far so good, Monica got me a...

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Ryan's 5th Birthday 0

New Birthday Tradition For Kids

I found this idea on a blog somewhere but for your kid’s birthday, ask them the same questions every year to see how they change. Henry and I came up with seven questions. I...

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Bear Crawl 0

Bear Crawl

We don’t know what it’s called so we call it the “bear crawl”. Alex originally started crawling and was like a snake, his whole body just slithered everywhere. But now it’s morphed into a...

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